3-ply Disposable, Compostable Face Coverings

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Bonnie Bio’s 3-ply compostable face coverings are made from certified compostable materials – an effective way to protect your health and care for the environment at the same time.

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Shield with a tick in the middle showing Bonnie Bio’s biodegradable face masks are safeCompost heap showing Bonnie Bio’s compostable face masks are fully compostable An arm with flexed muscles showing Bonnie Bio UK’s zero waste face masks are durable  Hand holding a leaf showing Bonnie Bio UK’s environmentally friendly face masks are sustainable

10pcs/bag, 100 bags / carton. 1000pcs  (£4.60/bag)

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Face coverings are the new norm and were one of the first governmental recommendations to curb the spread of the coronavirus. The environment shouldn’t have to pay the price to keep us safe and healthy. All components of Bonnie Bio’s disposable, 3-ply compostable face coverings are made from PLA resin, which means they are a 100% compostable and environmentally friendly solution.

-          All components are compostable

-          Effective way to safeguard your health and prevent cross-contamination of disease

-          Sustainable alternative to other market varieties

-          Face coverings decompose into CO2, water, and biomass

-          Coverings will break down within three months in the right conditions

-          Do not leach toxic micro-plastics and nano-plastic particles

-          Surgical face covering design to protect the nose and mouth

Technical Specs


  • PLA melt-blown cloth
  • PLA non-woven fabric
  • PLA ear loops

*All components are made from 100% certified compostable PLA resin



Particle Size % Filtration Efficiency
0.3µm 93%
0.Sµm – 3µm 99%
Sµm – 70.0µm 700%

For context, the average thickness of a strand of a single strand of hair is 70µm

Product Notes

  • Choking and suffocation warnings printed on the compostable bag
  • Compostable face coverings have a 6 to 9 month shelf life
  • These coverings are not medical grade
  • This product is in the process of receiving compostability certification. However, the original PLA resin used to manufacture these face coverings holds international certifications for compostability.

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