PLA Compostable Straw – 8mm 2000pcs/ctn white straight – Free Gift

£70.00 incl. VAT

– 8mm 2000pcs/ctn white straight – Free Gift

Bonnie Bio’s range of compostable straws are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic. With smooth drinking performance, this is a sustainable solution to the waste of traditional plastic drinking straws

 Box with compost heap showing Bonnie Bio UK’s biodegradable straws are fully compostable Skull and crossbones showing Bonnie Bio UK’s compostable straws are non-toxicArm with flexed muscles showing Bonnie Bio UK’s eco-friendly straws are durable The Earth in the shape of a heart showing Bonnie Bio Uk’s biodegradable straws are eco-friendly


Drinking through single-use plastic straws means a moment on the lips, a lifetime in our oceans. With the UK’s ban on plastic straws, Bonnie Bio’s PLA compostable straws provide an environmentally friendly alternative. With a drinking experience much like plastic, these durable straws don’t disintegrate like some other non-plastic varieties, making them a consumer-friendly, environmentally kind option for commercial and personal use.

  • 100% compostable
  • 100% toxin-free
  • FDA and CE approved
  • Made from PLA and PBS
  • Comes in BPI-certified compostable packaging
  • As durable as plastic
  • Superior drinking performance for ice-cold drinks, thin milkshakes, cocktails, and smooth fruit juices
  • Customisation options available
  • Pre-order varieties available, with options around size and diameter, flexible bend, and angle cut


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